Invest Wisely, Thrive Easily: Your Ultimate Vacation Rental Design Guide

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There are several reason! For one, if you have been thinking about purchasing an Airbnb or already own a vacation home of your own, but have no idea what it would cost to design, remodel or just give the property a spruce, this guide is for you. There are 23 pages that address common questions when thinking about designing a …

Guest-Ready Always: Best Practices for Cleaning Supply Organization

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Organizing cleaning supplies at a short-term rental is essential to maintain a clean and welcoming environment for guests. Here are some effective ways to organize your cleaning supplies: You definitely need a dedicated cleaning closet or cabinet for supplies. Ensure it’s easily accessible to your turnover team, but hidden from guests’ view and/or locked. Next you should categorize and label …

What does an Airbnb cohost do?

Behind the Scenes: Unveiling the Role of a Short-Term Rental Co-Host

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If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that my company co-hosts several short term rentals in West Michigan. But what exactly is a co-host?? We play a supportive role in managing an Airbnb rental property on behalf of the property owner, also known as the host. The cohost’s responsibilities can vary depending on the arrangement made with the …