Invest Wisely, Thrive Easily: Your Ultimate Vacation Rental Design Guide

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There are several reason! For one, if you have been thinking about purchasing an Airbnb or already own a vacation home of your own, but have no idea what it would cost to design, remodel or just give the property a spruce, this guide is for you. There are 23 pages that address common questions when thinking about designing a short term rental.

Page one starts of with a list of reasons you need a good design for your rental. One of the biggest reasons is you need to set yourself apart. Most areas have a lot of competition, so you need to stand out. You don’t want to be known as the cheapest nightly rate, or the house that holds the most guests. Your place should be seen as the coziest, or brightest, or best includes the most/best amenities. Page two is a shot introduction about me (Jamie), so you know a little about my experience. 

Now of course some pages talk about our design services as well, however even if you decide to tackle this project on your own, it will give you some guidance on the amount of work you may need, to figure out a potential timeline, as well as an approximate investment. There is a section that shows a few examples of Airbnb’s that we have designed, explains why our design is different than most interior designers and our design process for STR’s.

This guide gives you an example of costs based on decent, good, better and best quality of furnishings, our timeline that we use for the design process, and a breakdown of our common service packages. We also include several pages to help you figure out what type of package works best for you. Seeing the packages we offer can help you to prioritize your needs and to do list.

If you decide to download this investment guide, there is no obligation to make an appointment or book a call with us. We hope this guide help you with the overwhelm of decisions and questions you have been having about the STR world!

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