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Have you always dreamt of having a home that reflected your personality but find yourself overwhelmed by the prospect of designing it on your own?

Our Designer for a Day service is an excellent option for clients who crave expert guidance without committing to a full-service design.

On your appointment day, Jamie will arrive with a sketchbook, samples, her laptop and a wealth of design ideas to transform your

First we will began by discussing your preferences, lifestyle, and the specific areas of your home that need a design boost, over a cup or coffee or tea.

Together, we will explore color palettes, furniture layouts, and potential decor elements. Jamie will translate your ideas into visual concepts, creating mood boards that captured the essence of your dream room.

The day will unfold with a delightful rhythm of brainstorming, planning, and laughter. Jamie will share valuable tips and tricks for maximizing space, choosing the right lighting, and incorporating personal touches that would make room uniquely yours.

You will be amazed at how much we can accomplish in just one day, and you will feel a newfound sense of confidence in bringing the design to life independently. But most importantly, you will have a revitalized sense of excitement for you to embark on your interior design journey.

Within the next 48 hours, you will receive an email with all of the details of the day. This could include a list of recommended furniture and decor items, floor plans, countertop and plumbing finishes, etc depending on your project.

In the weeks that follow you will joyfully implement the plan, transforming your room into a haven that reflects your personality and style. The "Interior Designer for a Day" experience will not only provide you with expert guidance, but also ignite a newfound passion for creating beautiful spaces.

Book your appointment today so that your home will bloom with the magic of thoughtful design, all thanks to a single day with an interior designer who turned dreams into reality.


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