Airbnb Design

Airbnb design is near and dear to my heart. At one time my husband and I still had his and her’s houses. His was near Lake Michigan so we used it as an Airbnb for three years.  Paying two mortgages was no fun, but we also weren’t ready to sell it. Using it as a short term vacation rental was the perfect solution! As I’m sure you know, as this new option is becoming more popular, your competition is growing. Let’s create a beautiful place to help make you a “super host”!!

These services are almost a combination of my other two services and we will start with a project kick off meeting.  It’s possible that’s all you need! If not, we will continue with one of these options:


Airbnb Supply Checklist


Airbnb Listing Set Up


Full Service Airbnb Design

If you live in the Muskegon or surrounding areas, my team and I can handle your project from start to finish.  A lot of times short term rental owners do not live in the same area, and need someone to take care of the entire project. As with full service interior design after your project kick off meeting, we get to work designing your rental.  This includes but is not limited to conceptual designs, presentations, revisions if necessary, project management, ordering, receiving, and installation.

AirBnB E Design

Similar to our edesign package for interior design, we begin with the two hour project kick off meeting. This gives us a good jumping off point for your rental. We then can decide what particular things you need help with. You’ll receive a customized instructional manual delivered to your inbox.