What’s on the other side of the new wall?

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Closing this wall off has also affected the dining area and foyer.  I plan to paint all of the walls white, which are all currently blue.  Its a pretty color but it is very similar to what I had in my last house as well as our airbnb, so I am tired of it. It is also eeevvveeerrryyyywwhhheeerrreee. It’s in the foyer which extends all the way up past the second floor, the living room, dining room, kitchen, mud room and upstairs hallway. It was also in my office. That’s a lot of blue!  The oak/blue combo also makes the house look dated. All summer my husband asked when I was going to paint because as of now it is still just primed.  I could have painted it the blue to match everything else but I just didn’t feel like painting it twice.  During the holidays I finally started working on things again.  I painted the kitchen dining room window trim white and the windows black.  I finally feel like my own home is in the right century lol.  I also bought the wall paint so the ugly primed wall will be painted soon.  The other struggle has been the “barn door”.  I did pick up some doors that we will put on a track, but I’m not in love with them.  What I would like is some old french doors, on a track. But they are not easy to find. As soon as I find some on Facebook Marketplace they are snatched up. So I will continue to hunt.

View from the dining/kitchen

Keep checking back for updates! I plan to have the dining, kitchen, living room and foyer done before summer.

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