Home Staging

For the home staging projects, the project kick off meeting is not necessary. Staging is pretty straight forward because it isn’t personalized to you. It’s how we merchandise your house for sale. The goal is to take your personality out of it to appeal to the most buyers. There are three options for this service.

Vacant Home Staging

Great for when the property you are selling is empty.  We bring in everything you need including but not limited to furniture, lamps, artwork, and accessories.

Prices vary based on rooms to be staged, square footage and list price.

Verbal Staging Consultation

is for sellers that live in the home and know they need to stage, but aren’t sure what to do.  This consultation is a walk and talk type service.  We walk together through your property and give you suggestions on what to do in order to get the fastest and/or best price offer.


Virtual Staging

is great for sellers that do not live in the Muskegon area.  This does not mean creating virtual rooms.  That gives false information to potential buyers.  They expect to see a room furnished as it is online.  This service is basically like a verbal consultation, but via Skype or FaceTime.