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Welcome to Bella Traverse Design, where we are dedicated to making exceptional interior design services accessible to all. Recognizing that interior design is a luxury, we're delighted to present our new list of core services, thoughtfully crafted into three distinct tiers to suit varying needs and preferences. Our goal is to simplify your choices, providing clarity as you navigate through our offerings.

Engage in a brief 15-minute consultation call with us, and together, we'll tailor a package that aligns with your requirements and budget. Starting at $500, our most economical package ensures quality service without compromise.

Decor Only:

Tailored for clients whose spaces require the final, transformative touches. We enhance your existing setup with carefully selected furniture, artwork, décor, and lighting, seamlessly blending new elements with your current possessions.

What does this service look like? You just moved into your new or new to you home. You don’t have the budget for all new furniture. You’d like a few new things in the future, but aren’t sure what. This is where we come in! We will work with what you have, move them around the room so that everything works the best, and then give you suggestions on what to purchase when you are ready. We will also provide you with guidance on what types, sizes and style of art, rugs, lamps, etc to add to what you already own.

Or, you’ve been in your home for awhile. You are ready for new furniture and decor. But have no idea where to start. Or you have started looking but are afraid of wasting money on the wrong things….because more than likely you already have.

Design & Decor: Designed for those embarking on remodeling projects or initiating new construction. We manage the intricate details of renovations while curating furnishings and décor to complement your envisioned space.

What does this service look like? You are ready for a whole home remodel. Or, you are working with a builder on your new construction dream home. Either way, you don’t want to leave the details to your contractor and are too overwhelmed to handle all of it yourself.  

Or, you are in need of a kitchen, bathroom or laundry remodel. You may or may not already have a contractor hired. You know that your kitchen should work better, but you have no idea how. Also, the thought of making all of the decisions with which backsplash do I want, what metal finish for my faucet, and cabinet hardware. Oh and what about the thousands of lighting options??!! 

Designer for a Day: Ideal for short-term projects or swift upgrades. Our 'Designer for a Day' service offers expertise for tasks such as kitchen refreshes, styling sessions, or guided shopping experiences.

What does this service look like? You need a kitchen refresh but don’t want to purchase new cabinets. But you still need help with flooring, tile, wall color, countertops, light fixtures, etc. We will spend one on one time with you working on a plan together. 

Or, you want to look at different layout options to remodel a bathroom. But you also need some help selecting paint colors in the bedrooms and artwork in the living room. This service is great if you need a professional to help a little in multiple rooms, but can handle all of the purchasing and labor by yourself.

If you're uncertain which category aligns with your needs, we encourage you to schedule a brief consultation call today, or use our contact us form. There's no obligation to commit – just an opportunity to explore how our services can elevate your space professionally and tastefully.




Discovery Call





Two Hour Project Kickoff Meeting


Kitchen Designer for a Day


Furniture & Styling ~ Full Service

$3000 per room

DIY Design ~ With Shopping List

$2500 per room

Full Service Design

$6000 per room