Designing My Own Home

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Shortly before this horrible pandemic, my husband and I bought a “new to us” house. It was built back in 1989 or 1990.  Luckily it doesn’t have any of those crazy 90’s angles (good thing or I never would have bought it), and some updates have been done by the last owner.  I don’t love everything they chose, but it did make it move in ready.  And it definitely is better than when it was originally built.

Since we are unable to leave our homes unless it is essential to sustain life, I have had some time to think about what to do around here.  We aren’t able to go out and obtain any of the needed materials for the design changes, I can at least get started on the plans.  And I’m going to take you along with me!

Every interior designer has his or her own process.  As I design each room of my own home, I am going to take you through my process.  I have’t figured out exactly how I am going to present this to you all (if there is anyone actually reading this lol).  But as of now I think I am going to use a good, better, best approach.  This won’t be necessary in each room, because not all rooms need that much help.

I am not the best at blogging….actually I am horrible about it.  So I’m hoping this holds me accountable.  Since we are all stuck at home for at least the next few weeks, my hope for you is that you learn something along the way about how to look at your own spaces in a new way.  Because most of us are looking around and not liking what we see. And since we are spending SO much time inside, we really want to get to work improving our homes. 

The reason I am going to give you my good, better, best design ideas is because sometime we don’t have the budget to spend on the best.  And that’s ok!  Sometimes you just need to spruce up a room to make it more comfortable, until the budget allows to go all in. And if that day never comes, you will at least have a space that was better than it was before.

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