Residential & Commercial Design

Custom Interior Design

Because all projects vary in size and client’s needs, prices are by quote only.

Programming Phase

  • Initial meeting
  • Gather information
  • Measure
  • Take photos
  • Establish budget

Schematic Design Phase

  • Budget planning
  • Design 1-2 concepts
  • Second concept meeting to show possible design plan

Design Development Phase

  • Draw floor plan, reflected ceiling plan, construction plan
  • Draw elevations
  • Draw perspectives
  • Choose final furniture, finishes, etc
  • Put together plan for presentation

Implementation Phase

  • Be onsite throughout construction process
  • Contractor coordination
  • Shop with/for you for furniture
  • Order everything
  • Pick up smaller supplies such as paint, wallpaper, tile, light fixtures, etc
  • Be onsite for furniture delivery
  • Work with customer service issues
  • Set up room; furniture, window treatments, artwork, accessories