You need to know why its a good idea to hire a kitchen designer

You need to know why its a good idea to hire a kitchen designer

modern kitchen elevationWhy should I hire a kitchen designer?

A question that I get asked is why should I hire a kitchen designer when I can just to go a big box store and get it for free??

As a kitchen designer I can help you with the entire process, not just the layout of cabinets.

There is a lot that goes into planning your kitchen including structural, electrical, and plumbing issues that need to be considered. Did you know that the electrical systems in the older farmhouses we have all grown to love, can’t handle our modern appliances?  Nor can the floor trusses handle the weight of them.

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Decisions decisions

There are well over 200 decisions that have to be made when designing a kitchen. With that many decisions and the endless options for each decision, hiring a designer can take away the stress and headache.  For example lets look at lighting.  Is your current kitchen too bright because all of the lights are controlled by one switch?  Or too dim because all you have is one light in the middle of the room?  Where should new lights be place?  Do you need an electrician to make the changes? Which fixtures do you chose?  Follow up questions to this are how many fixtures,what wattage do we need for the amount of square footage we are lighting, what metal finish do I chose, what style, what type of glass??? Should we use under cabinet lighting? Do we add pendants over the island? Overwhelming right??!!!!!!

Then of course comes the coordination of the material selection; backsplash options, moldings and trim, wall color, flooring, cabinets, counters, sink, faucet, appliances, etc.  In addition to this, designers create a budget analysis and plan, coordinate sub-contractors and handle deliveries.

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Now that I’ve gotten you into a complete panic about all of the decisions, lets talk about something a little more fun. When designing your kitchen whether its a new build or a remodel, you can lay out your space to function for you and your needs!  Do you tend to need more space to the right of the stove because thats where you place your ingredients?   Or does the left feel more comfortable, but in your current kitchen there isn’t room because the that is the only place the microwave can fit? It’s amazing how everyone can work so differently in the kitchen.  This is your opportunity to have everything exactly how you want it!!!

Now I’m not trying to be negative towards big box stores.  A lot of my clients will still purchase their cabinets and counters through them!!  The great thing is, I will take their design plan to the different stores and get all of the quotes for them.  Less headaches again!

Are there any kitchen design questions I can answer for you?  Please post them in the comments below!