Workin’ on my photography skills

Workin’ on my photography skills

Part of the reason I procrastinate blogging is because of my photography skills…..or lack there of!  So I purchased a nicer DSLR with the kit lens, and a 50mm lens.  There is one more lens I need, but that time will come one of these days.  Until then I have been practicing with what I have.

I have a client that I designed an office for.  But we were unable to find the perfect artwork for one particular wall.  So while on vacation in Florida I took it upon myself to try to get some photos for her.  I took 104 and ended up with two that she really loves!  It was a lot of fun.  Since we live in Michigan, she wanted something more tropical.  In the end they will be black and white with a splash of color, but for now these are the originals.  What do you think??

_DSC0212-bw2pink2                        _DSC0159 - Version 3

We wanted black and white photos with just a splash of color, since we used a brighter wall color.  Since I am new to this whole photography thing I’m not sure how they will look once they are blown up.  I just sent them off to the printer.  Fingers crossed they look great!


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