New & Improved!!

New & Improved!!


Welcome to my new website and blog!  If you are joining me from my old blog at, thanks for following me!!  I don’t think I have a follow me button yet, so I will have to work on that.  Until then, you can follow me through my Facebook page to get updates.

I have decided to switch platforms from the traditional website with a link to my blog, to just a blog.  Just as with my old site, you can see examples of my work by clicking on the portfolio tab above.  By using a blog I can keep all my work and design ideas current, instead of a static website.  I can also interact with you all better!

My site was completely redesigned by my son.  He doesn’t want me to give him any credit for this, but that’s too bad.  I’m doing it anyway!!  During his Senior year in high school he won two awards for web design through the BPA (Business Professionals of America). He will be leaving for college in just a few days (sniff, sniff). If you have your own website but are looking for a new host, he also owns his own company called  He seems to be following in the entrepreneurial footsteps of his mom, grandma and great grandpa.  It’s amazing what comes naturally!

I can’t wait to get blogging and share with you my recent projects!


Design Questionnaire

Hello and thank you for hiring Bella Traverse Design to design your room!! Please answer the questions in the box (the box above the questions) and click submit.
  • Please fill out and click submit when finished. Name(s):___________________________________________ Birthday(s)_________________ Address:____________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip Code _________________________________ Home Phone: ______________________________ Cell: _______________________________ Email:__________________________________________________________ How did you hear about Bella Traverse Design? ______________________________________
  • 1. Adults: Names and Age____________________________________________________________________________ 2. Children: Names and Ages ________________________________________________________________________ 3. Do the children live with you? If not, how often are they here? ___________________________________ 4. Who are the decision makers? _____________________________________________________
  • 1. Do you entertain? ___________________ 2. How often? _________________________________ 3. How many guests typically come over? __________ 4. Are you more formal or casual? ___________ 5. Special Hobbies/ Activities _______________________________________________________
  • 1. Do you travel often? ________________ 2. Do you collect things on your travels?______________ 3. If so, what type of things do you bring back? __________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________
  • 1. What is your preferred time frame for having this project complete? _______________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 2. Please list the rooms you would like to work on, and indicate how each room is used. _________ ______________________________________________________________________________ It is up to you to establish the priorities, investment, and timeline. I make every effort to work quickly, effectively, appropriately, and within a spending plan. 3. Are you comfortable considering wallpaper in specific rooms? ____________________________ 4. What do you consider your style? If you don’t know, we’ll figure it out!! (Chose all that apply to you) Contemporary____Traditional_____Rustic _____Old World Regency_____ Tuscan_____Country_____Southwest _____Modern_____Eclectic/Collected_____Transitional_____ Country French_____Other _____ 5. Do you display any favorite pieces nor currently displayed that you would like to display? ______________________________________________________________________________ 6. Do you have any furniture pieces that you already own that you would like used in the room? ______________________________________________________________________________ If yes, please include photos of the pieces/furniture 7. What mood do you want to create overall? (Choose all that apply) Elegant/Formal_____Modern/Classic_____ Sophisticated_____Worldly_____Casual/Relaxed_____ Lively/Bright_____Cool/Understated_____Cozy_____ Contemporary_____Spacious_____Welcoming_____Romantic_____Other _____
  • 1. List your 5 favorite colors and colors you dislike (if any) ____ 2. Is there a color scheme you know you want to use in the room? _______________ 3. Are there patterns or fabrics you prefer? (Choose all that apply) Solid_____Plaid_____Bird/Animal Print_____Textured_____Stripe_____Paisley_____Floral_____Leather_____Min-pattern _____Chintz_____Geometric_____ Velvet_____Bold-pattern_____Abstract_____Tapestry_____Chenille_____Satin_____Damask 3. Where do you shop for home furnishings and accessories? _______________________________ _____________________________________________ 4. What do you like about your home? _________________________________________________
  • 1. Which of the following do you require of window treatments? (Choose all that apply) Privacy____Light Control _____Decorative Only_____Black Out_____ 2. Which of the following do you prefer? (Choose all that apply) Blinds _____Shutters _____Drapery_____Sheers_____Roller Shade
  • What type of rugs do you prefer? (Choose all that apply) Hand knotted Persian, Tibetan, Oriental_____Antique_____Reproduction_____Machine Made Reproductions_____Hook Rug_____Needlepoint Rug_____Sisal_____ 2. What type of flooring do you prefer? (Choose all that apply) Hardwood_____Carpet_____Laminate_____Vinyl_____
  • 1. What type of subject matter do you prefer? (Choose all that apply) Portrait_____Still Life_____Abstract_____ Nautical_____ Animals_____ Florals_____Other_____ What medium do you prefer? (Choose all that apply) Oil on canvas_____Works on paper framed with glass_____Mixed media_____Sculpture_____Art Glass_____Metal_____Stone_____Wood_____
  • 1. How much are you planning to invest in this project? Up to $5000_____$5000-$8000_____$8000-12000_____$12000-$15000_____ $15000+ _____Other_____ 2. Are you planning to complete this project at once or in phases? ___________________________ 3. Have you worked with a designer before? ____________________________________________ 4. If yes, how was the experience? ____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 5. What else would you like me to know? ______________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ It is very helpful for me to review your inspiration photos. Please send me a link to your Pinterest board, Houzz, or file from your computer with your saved ideas to Thank you!!


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