My new camera bag

My new camera bag

A few months ago I upgraded to a DSLR camera.  Because it has more then one lens I needed a bigger bag then I used for my last camera.  Have you seen the bags at the store? Yuck!!  So of course I checked out Pinterest and Etsy to see what I could find.  I found several that I loved.  But I have an extremely talented sister that has a business where she designs, creates and sells products for babies.  So I showed her what I wanted and asked if she could make it for me.  Luckily she said yes!!

Handmade camera bag

It turned out beautiful!!!  First we tried having just her go to the fabric store to see if she could find what I wanted.  Well I’m very picky so that didn’t work out so well.  So we planned a day that we could go together.  We knew we wanted to use a cotton duck because it is so sturdy and easy to clean.  I originally wanted a solid fabric with a print on the inside.  But then I saw this fabric.  So much for my plan!!!  I love this print we found.  And oh did I mention, she made it reversible 🙂

Camera bag reversed

The insert was trial and error.  She started out creating it with a hard foam, but it just wasn’t fitting inside the bag like we wanted.  So she sewed this soft option.  And in the end I like it much better.  I wanted three sections.  One for my camera with the 50mm lens attached, and two other for additional lenses.

Camera bag insert

I like this insert better because it seems like my camera will get knocked around less then it would if we used the harder foam.  She also added a little pocket on the outside of the insert for my phone. She asked what size and how many pockets I wanted.  Since I have keyless entry on my car, I didn’t really need a pocket large enough to carry my keys and my phone, so we went with one small pocket.  I also wanted a strap that was long enough for me to carry it like a messenger bag.  Cameras can get pretty heavy when you are walking around.  Having it cross over helps to distribute the weight.

Camera bag and insert

I’m headed to a workshop tomorrow and get to use my new bag for the first time.  I’m excited to show it off!!  If you would like more information on this bag, you can find my sister Linsey on Facebook at Cuddly Creations by Linsey

Tell her I sent you!

Handmade DSLR bag





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