Lake Michigan Cottage Design

Lake Michigan Cottage Design

Master bedroom in Lake Michigan cottage

Here’s a sneak peak of the Lake Michigan Cottage I have been working on!!  I apologize for the poor quality photos.  I took them with my iPhone.  Because this is a rental cottage I had a short timeframe to get everything done before the next tenant came to town.  I will go back when I can and take some better photos.

Cottage Master Before

Here is a photo of the bedroom before.  She started with great furniture pieces throughout the cottage.  It just lacked some personality and color.  I showed her a few different color palettes that are seen in cottage design.  She loved the samples with reds.  So we went with it!  I wanted to add in an additional accent color.  We used blue but she didn’t want it to look too nautical.  There are some nautical flags in the artwork above the armoire, and a couple of starfish in the art above the bed, but I had to include a few beachy things since the cottage is located right on Lake Michigan. But you will find no lighthouses anywhere in here!!

    Lake Michigan cottage master bedroom   Cottage Master

There was already a lot of browns in the hardwood floors and moldings, so I used gray as my neutral color.  To blend the off white furniture with the bright white quilt, I made artwork to go above the bed that incorporated both tones of white, as well as the red and blue.  Thats right, I made the art!!  I’ll post about that another time.

  Cottage Bathroom Before  Lake Michigan cottage bathroom

I had the hardest time finding the perfect shower curtain.  Everything either had the wrong red or it was very nautical.  So in the bathroom there is more blue then red.   I added a punch of color with the crate on the wall above the toilet.  It came as  natural wood, but I bought a small container of chalk paint for only $1!!  There isn’t a lot of storage in here, so I thought that would be better then just hanging a picture.

       Cottage Living Before                 Lake Michigan cottage living room

I like to reuse as much as I possibly can.  It saves money and also makes a space look more collected, versus looking like it was all bought as a package deal at the local furniture store.  In the living room I liked the shape and style of the coffee table, so I just painted it white.  The red tray on the table was white, but I painted it red. The sofa is also the same piece.  Its a sleeper and sleepers aren’t cheap, so I opted for a slip cover from Sure Fit.  Over time, couch cushions can lose their firmness.  So I also purchased some new ones online from Foam Factory.  You just put in the dimensions of your current cushions and they send you new ones for a great price.  I wanted to use some outdoor pillows since people come in off the beach and sit down, but I got these for only $10 at JCPenny! They originally were $50 each, but they were on clearance plus I had a $10 off coupon.

There are a couple more rooms but I didn’t get a chance to take photos.  So check back for updates!!  If you are interested in staying here, you can go to vrbo to get all the info.


  1. Natalie 3 years ago

    Smart and stunning job! The Michiganders will love it!

    • Author
      Jamie 3 years ago

      Thank you so much Natalie! I had a lot of fun working on this one!

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