How to date when you have kids

How to date when you have kids

Between to two of us, we have four kids.  To be fair, my oldest is off to college and his are teenagers so they are usually off doing there own thing.  But I also have a special needs teenager and I can’t always get a sitter.

Yesterday was our 1 year anniversary as a dating couple, and it was one of those days where my sitter wasn’t available.  So we had a romantic candlelit dinner at my house.  And it was great!  Everyone that knows me, knows I don’t like to cook.  I’m not bad at it, I just don’t enjoy it.  I gave my man the choice of pot roast or chicken marsala.  They are the two things that I had cooked recently (both new recipes) and they both turned out great, so I knew either one would turn out well.  He chose pot roast.


Since I don’t like to cook, I don’t like to watch the cooking shows either.  But I am drawn to Ree Drummond from the Pioneer Woman on the Food Network.  She makes amazing meals that are “normal”.  They aren’t extravagant or weird.  Just down home good food.  I found her recipe for pot roast, but I did adapt it a little.  Instead of using beef broth, I used Marsala wine.  Other then that, it’s exactly the same. 

I wanted to try a couple of new things to make it special, so off to Pinterest I went!  I found an easy home made bread an an Oreo cheesecake recipe. 


My mixer couldn’t handle to dough and it actually started smoking! Ooops. So I had to knead it the old fashioned way.  I was worried it wouldn’t turn out right.  But it tasted perfect.


The dessert tasted awesome too!  I should have filled the cupcake liners a little fuller because they didn’t raise up as much as I thought.  But if I didn’t say it, you would never know they could have been a little better 🙂 

I also made red skin mashed potatoes.  I didn’t take any photos of those.  I added a little sour cream to make them a little creamier, salt, pepper, onion powder and basil to add some flavor.  Everything was a big hit!


So back to dating with kids.  My son was here with us, but he was content watching a movie in the living room, while we were out on the deck.  We probably only had about 10 minutes before he started calling me, but it was still a more romantic setting then we would have gotten at any local restaurant.  And the food wasn’t bad either 🙂


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