Creative Blogging Workshop

Creative Blogging Workshop


Last week I attended my first creative workshop.  It was so great being surrounded with other creative woman.  Sometimes that’s hard to find in your immediate circle of friends and family.  Going to an event like this is such a great place to network with like minded people, who have creative businesses, but not necessarily in the same field as you.  There were photographers, event planners, a calligrapher, etc. 

The workshop was housed in this beautiful barn named Hydrangea Blu Barn, located in Rockford, Mi.  I believe its primarily used for weddings. I just love the dark gray the owners used to paint the exterior.  Its an updated option versus the barn red of past generations.

I absolutely loved the lighting they used inside.  There were two large feminine chandeliers hung from the old rustic rafters.  They were surrounded by twine spheres which were filled with tea light candles (battery operated I hope).



I didn’t get many interior photos, but I did get this one of the bar area.  When we arrived they had an assortment of breakfast choices.  They even had gluten free options!   I took this photo after lunch, so all the pretty details were already removed……or eaten 🙂


Ok, back to the workshop.  We were greeted with these swag bags, full of fun little items!


Everyone was assigned a table number, and we were surprised with these personalized notebooks.  You can’t see it, but they had the calligrapher write our names on them.

                                 _DSC0353                               notepad

We were taught so many different things.  Everything was related to blogging in some way.  Which was why I went!!  We talked about blogging itself, photography and styling.  Towards the end of the day we all went outside and practiced our photography skills on a beautiful table that was created by Micheala. 


Most of my photos had people in the background.  We were everywhere 🙂  These are a couple of my favorite shots.



There were a few models there for us.  I like taking photos of inanimate objects, so I wasn’t around the models very long.  I just felt uncomfortable.  I will stick to interiors and landscapes.  This is the best one out of the three I took 🙂


After our photo sessions there were a panel of women there to answer any questions we had.  Throughout the day we wrote down questions that we wanted to ask these successful women.  No question went unanswered.  I of course thought of a few a day or two later…..oops.  But the questions asked were very specific and also very helpful.

If you are interested in attending one of their events, you can follow them on Facebook at  The next one is in Atlanta, so hopefully they will do more in Michigan as well.

A little about the two ladies that put on this workshop.  Ashley Slater is a photographer and Michaela is an Interior Designer, both located in Grand Rapids, Mi.  You can check them out at

The best thing about this event for me, is that it was located close to home.  I have traveled so many times for conferences and seminars.  It was great being taught by women that are local to me.  And also to be surrounded with woman close to home. 

Tell me about some creative workshops you have been to!!


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