Bonobo Winery Visit

Bonobo Winery Visit

                                        As promised, here are my photos from our visit to the Bonobo Winery in Traverse                                                                                         City, Mi.  This view will be absolutely amazing in the summer! The building is placed                                                                                   overlooking the vineyards and the West Arm of the Grand Traverse Bay.  As I                                                                                                 mentioned in yesterday’s post, Bonobo is owned by Todd and Carter Oosterhouse.

Bonobo Vineyard



Bonobo Winery


The exterior will be even more beautiful when the property is landscaped (A little                                                                                         difficult to do in cold Michigan winters).


Once inside, this is your view……

Bonobo Winery Entrance, Traverse City Mi


Its so open and bright.  There are several seating areas and no two are the same.

Bonobo Bar

                                       This photo is from the opposite end.  The clean white counters prevent the wooden bar                                                                                area from being too rustic.  Everywhere you look there are combinations of textures and                                                                              styles, from modern to traditional and sophisticated to rustic.

Bonobo Feminine Seating

                                         This seating area is primarily feminine with its tufted cream linen upholstery.  And the                                                                                large window is a garage style door that opens up to the patio area, overlooking the Bay.

Bonobo Indoor Outdoor Fireplace

                                         This was one of my favorite areas.  I just love the industrial tables. This stone fireplace                                                                                is open to the outside patio.

Bonobo Stone Fireplace

Here is a better view.

Bonobol Large Fireplace

                                         This fireplace was quite grand.  And had a modern design, opposite of the stone                                                                                            fireplace on the adjacent wall.


                                             This photo of another seating area turned out a bit fuzzy.  But again it blends                                                                                                  traditional leather furniture with a more feminine style tray table with its turned                                                                                          legs.


                                                            This room was off on its own.  I’m not sure its intended purpose.                                                                                                                       It almost had a cafe’ feel to it.

Bonobo Barn Door

                                         Isn’t it amazing????!! This is the BEST winery I have ever been too.  Actually I think                                                                                    this is the best commercial space I have every seen.  EVER.  And it isn’t even because it                                                                                Carter’s 😉  I’m not sure who the designer was, whether it was Carter himself or someone                                                                            else, but I would love to meet them.  If I ever have the opportunity to design a space like                                                                             this, this is exactly what I would have done.  The use of grays, browns, whites and natural                                                                           elements is my style exactly.  From what I have heard, the large barn style doors in the                                                                                 above photo were built by Carter.

                                        Bonobo has only been open 2 months.  I asked about weddings.  As of now they are                                                                                       unable to have ceremonies there, but they do have events there including receptions.                                                                                   I may have to have mine there someday………


  1. Kristin Lutz 3 years ago

    Please check out Cedar Creek Interiors on 415 South Union in Traverse City. We did the interior along with Carter and his team at Bonobo. All the furnishings can be purchased thru Cedar Creek. The name of the furniture line is Curations, and there is so much more to see!

    • Author
      Jamie 3 years ago

      Hi Kristin! All of the furnishings were so beautiful! You all did an amazing job!

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