5 things in my dream kitchen design

5 things in my dream kitchen design

If I were to ever get the opportunity to build a new home, or renovate an older home any way that I want, these are the things on my kitchen design wish list.

Number one would be tall ceilings.  Two additional items on my wish list would require me to have a home that could have tall ceilings. So I would probably either need to build a new home, or find an old barn to convert.  My choice would be the barn for sure.

Number two is lots of molding.  I absolutely love big thick moldings.  That would include tall baseboards, think crown, and trim on top of the cabinets as if they appeared to go all the way to the ceiling.  Like this example from Traditional Home.

Traditional Home

Number three is actually a combination of two things.  My home design would include white cabinets and butcher block countertops. White cabinets are so clean and simple. And theres’ just something about butcher block counters that scream comfort food was made here. I grew up in a small rural town, so maybe its the country girl in me (otherwise I’m all city!).  I never would have considered using butcher block until I read this post by Miss Mustard Seed. She talks about how to seal them and how they have been working out over time.


My number four would be beautiful light fixtures.  I would love to have either girly and ornate chandeliers or simple glass pendants.  The chandelier would balance out the more manly wooden counters.


All three of these examples are from Restoration Hardware.  I’m not sure how much light these would provide, but I love the vintage feel of the filament bulbs.    

The fifth thing on my dream kitchen design list is functional. Induction cooking is my final dream.  According to the Home Depot website “ Induction cooktops use high-frequency induction coil below the surface to heat your cookware via magnetic field. This way, your cooktop remains cool to the touch and easy-to-clean. Best of all, your food cooks more evenly and much quicker than traditional cooktops”.  I don’t love to cook.  But when I do make a meal, I want to be able to make it the best I can.  Induction cooking would help a lot!

What’s on your dream kitchen wish list?



  1. Richard 3 years ago

    I was told by Ricky Simpson that you do home repairs. He told me to type in Repair 4 u but I see no place were I can call you. So if you would like email me back with your phone. And I will call you.

    • Author
      Jamie 3 years ago

      Hi Richard. I think you have the wrong website. I am an interior designer.

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