10 Ways to Use Mirrors

10 Ways to Use Mirrors

There are so many ways you can use  mirrors.  Some more creative then others.  Here is a list of my top 10 ways.


#1  Well there is the obvious; utilitarian.  We use it to put on makeup, do our hair and check out our outfits.  These mirrors can be simple (aka boring) such as the medicine cabinet over a vanity, or the mirror hanging on the back of the bedroom door.  Or they can be decorative.

# 2 Ok, on to more fun ways. Mirrors on furniture.  Nothing says Hollywood Regency like a mirrored dresser or side table!!  I found this little beauty on Overstock.com.  I also found some on Pinterest that people have made from old dressers.

Hollywood Regency-Overstock.com


#3  Mirrors are also used to create depth.  Back in the 80’s they were used to cover a whole wall in a dining room or at a restaurant.  In my opinion all they really did was create confusion and make the room look too busy.  I cringe every time I go in my local Art Van Furniture store.  They STILL have that wall of mirrors behind the recliners.  And don’t get me started on recliners!!! Yuck!!  They keep trying to update that store.  Um, remove the mirrors.  You will update the store by 30 years!

#4  They create beautiful centerpieces, especially for weddings.  Here is an example from Style Me Pretty.  It is such a simple centerpiece, but the mirror brings it to life.  Can you imagine how pretty the reflection is once overhead the lights are turned down?

Style Me Pretty

Style Me Pretty

#5 For wall art.  I have one hung in my bedroom, just because I liked it. It was the perfect color and style that I was looking for.  Plus it was the right size.

#6  To bounce light around the room.  If you have a room that only has one window, or is dark for any other reason, you can use a mirror to help bounce light.  If lined up properly it can also act as a second window.

#7 And speaking of windows, you can use it where there isn’t one.  I have seen people use them over a kitchen sink that isn’t placed under a window.

#8 One way I have used mirrors is as a headboard.  I was staging a home and the bed didn’t have a headboard. I went out and bought 3 long mirrors and hung them on the wall.  Instant headboard!  You can’t see the third mirror so I probably could have gotten away with using only two.


Mirror headboard

Bella Traverse Design

#9 Mirrors reflect beauty.  So many people place a mirror on their mantle.  Big mistake if what you are reflecting isn’t beautiful.  A good example is a ceiling fan.  If your mantle is high or you angle the mirror slightly, it will reflect the fan.  Most fans aren’t pretty to begin with.  Don’t clone that hideous thing!!  Mirrors on top of mantles or anywhere for that matter, should reflect a window with a great view, a beautiful piece of art,  or your homes architectural details.

#10 And finally, light fixtures.  I found this chandelier in Pottery Barn and fell in love. One day I am going to try to recreate this fixture.


Pottery Barn


So tell me, where do you use mirrors??




  1. I so agree with you, Jamie, on the mirrored chandelier. It’s beautiful!

    • Author
      Jamie 3 years ago

      Hi Christina. That chandelier is my all time favorite! Its industrial and feminine at the same time.

  2. Lisa 3 years ago

    I have a mirror in my entryway which is fairly dark. I like the look and it does bounce the light. I really like the Overstock dresser you showed.

    • Author
      Jamie 3 years ago

      Thank you Lisa. I would love to have a mirrored nightstand or dresser in my room. It would really help to brighten it up.

  3. Nikki G. 3 years ago

    That chandelier!!!! Love!

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